10 Reasons to Follow Us on Twitter

I’ve just been reading this post on SEO 2.0 and found it, funny, interesting and even quite enlightening.

I have decided to take the plunge and give it a go myself just to see if it has any effect at all.

So, what is my twitter name? Well, you can search for me under the name the_oms and the whole purpose of me even creating a twitter account was simply to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest, on the whole, the entire team here at The Online Marketing Store are pretty damn twitterphobic since they simply don’t see the point but as the ‘Content Manager’ I see it as my duty to give it a ‘whirl’.

I am a personal fan of Web 2.0 (to coin a popular phrase) and love what social media has to offer the SEO world. Anyway, I digress the whole point was to come up with 10 reasons wasn’t it so errrrrrr let me think for a moment.

  1. to show my friends and collegues the real power of twitter.
  2. to be kept up to date with my inane ramblings and hopefully some links to interesting or fun online marketing guides or tips.
  3. the more friends/followers I get, the more I will tweet (is that good or bad?)
  4. make lots of friends yourself by looking through my followers/followees.
  5. get access to The Online Marketing Stores website that holds a few gems of information itself.
  6. if I get over 100 followers I’ll change my icon to a ‘funny’ picture of myself.
  7. I’f you don’t follow me I’ll get lonely.
  8. I’ll convince my collegues to do random ‘guest’ tweets.
  9. if this works then we will have gained another important tool that can be used for SEO purposes.
  10. Follow me because I’m twitterific!!! (sorry, I appologise for number 10)

Anyway everyone who reads this should follow suit and let’s see how many top 10 reasons to follow us on twitter posts we can get going.

Go on…….you know you want to 🙂


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